Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for a professional writer position? There are three core requirements for each candidate: a. Fluent English; b. Taking responsibility for your work; c. Academic writing background (on-job or academic such as writing your thesis in a reputable university). If you match above - welcome to EDU Lab.

Registration at EDU Lab is and always will be free.

How do I become a writer? Send your CV to to apply. Pass the proficiency test and join our professional writers team (we will get in touch with the further instructions).

Our orders usually include essay writing, research papers, analytical papers, and many other exciting types.

Do you provide any training? Absolutely. Apart from introductory and ongoing writer support, we regularly conduct trainings and webinars.

Can I combine my work as a freelance writer with my primary job? That is often the point. People may seek certain differentiation of their skills and extra earnings. You manage your workload and schedule all the time. For instance, you may need extra money to pay for the apartment. In this case, you may opt for working FULL TIME to earn the needed cash

Can I get a part-time or full time employment after becoming a freelance writer? Yes. We regularly evaluate our best writers showing high performance and willing to have stability in their life. We offer part-time or full-time employment to such writers.

What topics do your writers work on? The range of themes is virtually unlimited, from accounting to medicine, to economics and history, and much more. Some writers get specialized in specific areas, while others choose to write on a wide range of subjects. In any case, you are the one who controls your proficiency subjects.

What if I fail to meet the deadline? This is one of the things you have to absolutely avoid. It is important to understand that, in the long run, it is not that much a matter of money. Reputation and reliability talk today. It is critical to correctly project how you will cope with the assignment, how much time you will need to eventually meet the deadline with no jeopardy to the quality of writing. If, however, you miss the deadline, fine specified by our policies will apply.

How will I receive orders? There are 2 stages. Stage 1: You will receive orders by email; you will have a chance to accept or decline each given order. Naturally, you’re encouraged to take most of the orders sent to you. The orders are only sent within the chosen specialization. Stage 2: Orders are distributed through an online system (you’ll be assigned a username and a password to work in the system).

Can you guarantee a good flow of orders? Yes, we have constant flow of orders not affected by seasonality (end of semester periods). Due to quality assurance, you will not be assigned more than 10 pages per day of work.

How do I get paid? We pay on the 1-st and 15-th of each month for all orders completed before 25-th and 10-th respectively. The available means of payment are: Skrill (USD), PayPal (USD), and Privatbank card (FX rate at the date of the transfer applies).

Is there anything else I should know? We do not tolerate plagiarism in any way. We use Turnitin to check all our writers’ papers and there is absolutely no way writers can trick us. If the paper is found to be more than 50% plagiarized, the writer is fined 100% of the order’s sum and the warning is issued. If the writer chooses to plagiarize again, 200% fine applies and the writer is banned from working with EDU Lab.