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Crowds of English speaking students all over the world hate to see their time wasted on academic writing rather than on what youngsters truly cherish – socializing, partying, or simply enjoying life. Others fail to withstand teachers’ vivid inability to decently estimate their genius and hard efforts towards writing on just another miserable topic. Don’t those cool guys and gals deserve a helping hand they evidently need?

Our team of experts, full of zeal and desire to make a difference, could not stand aside and decided to devote ourselves to serving those needing professional academic assistance

in devising a wide range of various types of papers starting from regular ongoing assignments and up to diploma level and more.

The respective ever-increasing demand for professional writers needs to be further met, and we are currently in active search of those willing to join us. The requirements are neither extreme nor relaxed: your writing skills should definitely be more advanced than the “How much watch?” level, and at the same time, you do not need to be an expert in rocket science. Feel free to try yourself - OwnSpace Research is home to all gifted writers!

The only way to be successful tomorrow is being happy today.

Our moto


Flexible Schedule
You decide how to allocate the time for work in the way it is most convenient for you. You can also weigh out the workload you can handle.

High Salary
We pay once a month on the clear and transparent pay-per-page basis. The rate varies between 5 and 12 USD depending on the level of complexity and urgency of a job.

Professional Growth and Motivation
We enjoy watching how our writers grow with every work done. And it is only natural: both – satisfaction and growth :). Furthermore, the more proficient one stays and quicker advances, the more he or she can earn.

Early Stage Assistance
We always instruct and render comprehensive support to the beginners. It is in our best interest to ensure smooth introduction period and further high performance of our colleagues.

Team Building
Our writers boast when meeting their friends that they keep recalling our latest New Year corporate party until the next one comes.

How to apply

Step one
Get called to action by clicking our “Apply” or “View Vacancies” buttons. If you don’t know what to do next with the blank spaces, the job is probably not right for you.

Step two
Pass the “How much watch?” test.

Step three
Welcome on board! Let’s grab all this cash! You will receive

Brenda - Customer Support

Somehow manages to use three phones at a time.

Mary - Team leader

Gets crazy watching your impression when you come to know that she has got three diploma.

Paul - Editor

Claims his vocabulary could have exceeded the one Pushkin would boast of. Unfortunately, he can never read some unknown works by this poet because they got burned with an unidentified library.

John – Senior Writer

We often ask him to keep it simple, since no American teacher is so proficient in English.

Greg – Senior Writer

Fond of soccer. We are always wondering why he is still with us and not with Manchester United.


Loves reading. Says she has never come across a person who read more books than her. We don’t dare to double-check.