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A company in the educational research writing business since 2003. Large and continuously growing clients base; 90% returning customers from US, UK, and Australia. We literally create knowledge by helping students excel in their academic careers

Flexible schedule

Enjoy the benefits of Flexible Schedule (be your own boss); HIGH SALARY (we pay from $5 to $12/ page); Professional GROWTH and Motivation (develop your skills); Early Stage Assistance (regular training sessions and continuous support to writers)

A good company

Warm and friendly atmosphere. We live by the rule, "Work Hard - Play Hard". Our writers boast when meeting their friends that they keep recalling our latest New Year corporate party until the next one comes.

High salary + bonuses

We pay twice per month on a clear and transparent pay-per-page basis. The rate varies between $5 and $12 depending on the level of complexity and urgency of a job.